Adjusting Back to Toronto

I left January 4th. It was a 22 hour flight with a 2 hour layover in Brussels and an 11 hour layover in Delhi. When I finally arrived in Singapore, I was exhausted, alone and overwhelmed but also ridiculously excited. I was so ready. My time in Singapore was a pressure cooker for growth. I stripped myself of my safety blanket and had pushed myself out of the nest. Over the past 10 months I have been learning a lot about myself as well as others around me. From leaving, to adjusting, to being completely alone, to coming back to Canada, I am never entirely sure where I’m at.

Since returning to Toronto, I feel like I know exactly what I want out of my life but also have no idea of what I want to do.

Singapore is a fascinating place and will always have a special place in my heart. I’m sure I’ll be back to visit one day. In Singapore, I struggled with feeling at home but it was also the place where I had the freedom to be able to define home for myself.

This past year has been a mix of emotions and left my mind filled with thoughts. I am so inspired by so many of the people I met. I want to be creative. I want what ever I do to be meaningful. I’d like to teach but I don’t know what. I want adventure and I want to be independent.

It’s funny how your twenties is the defining decade, when even just ten months has been such a defining period. What will the rest of my twenties be? Scary thought but also ridiculously exciting.

Walking along the Ganges River in Rishikesh, 21 days before my 21st birthday.



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