Am I Anti-Social for not wanting to be on Social Media?

This is an honest question that I have! When I was younger, like 14-16 years old, I was obsessed with the numbers of followers and likes I could acquire. I would mindlessly scroll through photos of beautiful people doing beautiful things in beautiful places. I was scrolling through advertisements of lifestyles feeling horrible about myself. Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook left me in a weird horrible headspace.

I found it degrading. By me posting things I was seeking a stranger’s attention. I wanted the likes, the views, everything. I wanted to captivate an audience. My very immersive experience on social media was all in all a failure. I was left feeling like I had something to prove but nothing to share.

Some might argue that this blog is a bit of a contradiction and you’ve got me there. It certainly is! I think that when utilized correctly, social media can be such a powerful professional force. The issue is when it becomes too much, too personal and you are unable to walk away. Before I stepped back from social media, it had gotten to a point where I did not know the difference between an individual’s real life and the persona they would portray online. Reflecting on this, I have to say no thank you.


I am definitely a walking contradiction. I’m currently working as the communications gal for my major’s student union and I have to say that I’m really enjoying it. The social media platforms that I run are not my own. They belong to the team. I think the divide is great and helps me. I see the potential for social media as a professional platform. I still have Facebook to keep in touch with loved ones but I try not to use it as much as I once had.

The key question I have for myself on social media is: if you have nothing of value to share, what’s the point?

Am I anti-social for not wanting to answer snaps, like your photos or watch your videos? I don’t think so. I value real conversations and I don’t want to do that with a screen between us.  In an age where most of my peers tend to over edit and over share, I know that my stance on personal social media accounts alienates me. But it’s best for me and the real human relationships that I cherish.

What do you think! Am I Anti-Social for not wanting to be on Social Media? 




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