My Bizarre, Wild Love for Puppeteering

I grew up around puppets. That sounds like a line from a horror movie or something but it’s the truth. When I was little puppets were my best friends! My parents ran their own children’s theatre company so to say that they knew how to tell stories that could keep little ones engaged is an understatement. My parents were able to have children sit for almost an hour listening, learning and engaged which is a pretty major feat. One of the major touchstones of the story telling was with puppetry. Jessie the Rabbit and Charlie the Frog were two of their cast members and my playmates.

Because of this I’ve secretly wanted to be a puppeteer or just be around puppets. I have never seriously taken a puppeteering class or anything but oh my gosh. I just love it so much and would love to delve further into that world. I just love the space for creativity that puppeteering provides as well as the different avenues that one can take it. It can be wickedly inappropriate, completely innocent, joyful or terrifying. I love all that you can tell a complete story with just a piece of fabric.

Analyzing it, I think I love puppeteering because it is a very different way to tell stories. It is not something that is very common place in popular Western media. I’d love to see more puppets in our story telling.

The Muppet Show has been one of my all time favourite shows since I was 3 or 4 years old. Jim Henson is like a god to me. If you ask me about the new Disney Muppet Movies, I have very strong opinions. It could be better, there is a lot of room for growth. With Jim Henson gone, it just will not be the same. I would love to see completely original puppeteering in our media and not just lazy borrowing from Jim Henson’s genius.




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