Prince Edward County | A Favourite Place

“So where is your favourite place in the whole wide world?”

Some one asked me this a few weeks ago and about 4 places came to mind automatically. Honestly, I can’t decide and the 4 places came to me in no particular order. Analyzing it, in each place I feel like “I am home.”  Home is a very complicated yet simple topic that is continually changing. It’s places where I have and can learn a lot. It’s where I feel comfortable, whole and free all at once.

Martha and I on Dunes Beach. It was one of the most beautiful sun sets there.


Prince Edward County, Ontario is one of those places. It’s not too far from Toronto, my permanent home and yet it is far enough away that I feel like I can breathe properly. I don’t have to do anything while I’m there and yet there is always something to do. I love the open water and big blue skies. It’s just such a dynamic, beautiful place that feels unchanging. Prince Edward County is also disassociated with many elements of my childhood and yet I feel like a kid when I’m there.

I’ve been swooning over Prince Edward Country recently because I’ve been looking back at some photos that my family and I took a few weeks ago.

Miss Lilly’s on Main Street in Picton. A perfect place to do homework.


I get a little geeky around open water and beautiful sunsets.


Could be a very easy or complicated question but where is your favourite place in the whole wide world? Why?

Happy pondering! xx



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