Things I found this Week

Just a few things that I’ve been doing this week or found around the web. This week is much more political because well duh it’s been a bizarre week.

The podcast Unexplained is back!

The BBC published a play-by-play Trump’s first week as president. I really recommend giving it a read. I am astounded, terrified and angry by the events of this week. I cannot believe that Trump and his administration is real. As a Canadian, I feel like it would be very easy to bury my head in the sand and try to ignore it but to do that would be irresponsible. I firmly believe that it is now even more important to remain informed and active in this period in global history.

On that note, check out A Cup of Jo’s post on the Women’s March! I am so inspired by all of those who marched.

Such a soothing video.


Check out this funny cartoon from the New Yorker.

Normally I practice yoga for about one hour every day. This past Tuesday I did hot yoga for 2 hours. To say it was intense was an understatement but I’m trying to boost the amount of time I practice yoga in order to prepare for Yoga Teacher Training. If you’ve done YTT, do you have any tips?







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