My Partner in Crime, Home, Person, Best Friend

Warning: this is going to get so soppy and mushy because I love my sister so much. Close this if you don’t want to get jealous. KBYE

She is hands down my best friend. She is the person who I’ve known the longest and probably ever will. We’ve been best friends for 18 years.  Slushie runs, ice cream between classes, long haul study sessions, travelling and exploring wouldn’t be the same with out Martha. I don’t think I’ll ever find someone with the same sick sense of humour as me. She will only eat carrots if they are baby carrots bathed in water. Who the heck likes that? Her choice sweet flavour is always blue. Blue slushies, blue lollipops, just anything “blue flavoured” is her jam. Mar also loves the news, politics, and journaling.

I’m so stupid excited and proud of her these days. She’s in her first year in Journalism. It’s stressful and she lets her crazy flag fly but it’s so cool to see her change and grow in just a few months. The four years of university are huge and it’s so exciting to be there to watch it unfold.




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