Tiny Little Moments Imprinted

As I walked up the volcano, the sun was rising confidently behind me. Taking a moment,  Agung stood proudly with the open ocean and the sky as its backdrop. My guide sat down calmly beside me and simply said “it’s all yoga.” I just nodded and took a deep breath. I was centred.

The morning on Mount Batur, Bali.




The water was cold but my chest felt warm and alive. I was supported as I moved to the whims of the ocean. Floating in the middle of the ocean the lines between my body and the water blurred. My breath moved with the waves. I was flowing and flying.



As I sat crossed legged on the porch of the tiny one bedroom cottage I watched rain drops fall from the darkening sky. Overnight the clouds rained themselves out and mountains revealed themselves. They stood proudly outside my window, unchanging, ancient. I was tiny, insignificant and humbled.

The Annapurnas in Nepal, 2016


I just try to collect tiny moments in my journal. Those were some of my favourites from the past year.




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