Scuba Diving, I am hooked.

When I was little my parents couldn’t get me out of the water. All I wanted to do was swim and every time I would leave a swimming spot I would say a special, private goodbye to the space. As I got older I didn’t have as much time in water though I missed and craved it.

The night before my first dive I barely slept. I had my sister stay on the phone with me until I fell asleep. I knew I wanted to dive. My fascination and love for open water was what pulled me towards it. But at the same time, I was very far away from home and I would be going very deep, and well… what if something went wrong? I had never really met anyone at home who knew how to dive. I grew up in Canada for crying out loud. It’s hella cold even if there are beautiful places to dive.

My first dive I completely panicked. Intellectually I knew I was fine but instinctually my body was like “you’re underwater so don’t breathe.” After what felt like 5 minutes of the Dive Master, Leo gesturing for me to breathe and calm down, I got a shaky grasp on my nerves. I swam around for a bit just trying to get comfortable. The moment that literally blew my mind and what got me hooked was seeing a tiny little sea horse just chilling out in the sand. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to see more. For next few months in Southeast Asia I was constantly calculating the next time I could dive. I actually doubled back to Amed in Bali to dive more. Bioluminescent plankton and clown fish quickly became my favourite fish. Check out this video of bioluminescence in the ocean!! Isn’t it just the coolest?! The water is literally glowing. During a night dive, when you cover your torch and it’s pitch black you feel like you’re in the stars.


I had always thought of myself as a “world traveller” but I had never explored the underwater world before. Something like 70% of our globe is covered in water. Diving has opened up an entirely different type of exploring for me. There is so much life the underwater world that I am so curious about. There are so many ecosystems and I want to see all of them. Because of my exposure to marine life through scuba diving, I am even more passionate about safeguarding our water than ever before. I recommend checking out Mission Blue on Netflix. It’s super informative and really inspiring. I didn’t realize how male dominated diving was and it’s made me incredibly proud to be a female diver. Sylvia Earle is such an inspiration.

By the end of 2018 I hope to get my Divemaster certification. I’m so hooked on diving. You just see the coolest things!  I knew after my third dive that I wanted to get my Divemaster. There’s quite a science to diving but I’m really ready for the challenge.


Have you been diving? If so, where? If you haven’t been diving, would you ever try it?




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