Pushing a Creative Outlet and Josef Frank

I’ve been in a very graphic design-y kind of mood the past few weeks. I’ve been actively learning Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and I have found myself tumbling into this vortex of staying up all night doodling and creating postcards on my computer. I’m really welcoming new ways to push my creative expression through technology. It’s so fun playing with and introducing colours and textures in different ways.

I’m normally draw and design the same old things. If you flip through the pages of my class notebooks you’ll find sketches of flowers, vines, waves, mountains and swirly suns. It can get kind of boring after a while and I’ve been searching for new things to draw, sketch or design by hand and in Adobe. Architect Josef Frank has definitely has been providing lots of inspiration. Inspired by many different time periods and cultures his wallpaper and textile designs are so beautiful. Although it’s still a lot of flowers and stuff like that, I like that he was able to visually tie all of the components together.

Check out the Guardian’s article on Josef Frank’s life. He was such an interesting artist and created such beautiful spaces and pieces of art! If you want to see of more of his designs check out this link! Josef Frank’s Joyous Textile Designs.

What do you guys think? Have you tried pushing your creative outlet in new and innovative ways? If so, how? Also, Who inspires you to explore new ways of creative expression?




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