The March Playlist | 2017

The past few weeks I’ve been very into either from the eighties or inspired by the decade. I have a few more contextualizing notes this month because most of these songs have tied to very specific moments from the past month or so. Check it out on Spotify!

 March 2017

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) by Talking Heads (Bit of Background: this song is my jam.)

Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles (Bit of Background: I hadn’t listened to this song in ages but a few months ago my best friend and I sat in a McDonalds parking lot in the rain just jamming to this song. Because of that, I have a new found love for this song.)

Thanks and Praise by Chronixx (Bit of Background: I’m taking a Popular Music and Culture course this semester and this was one of the songs that we played in class. Plus, it reminds me of my neighbour/surrogate grandmother.)

Closing Time by Semisonic (Bit of Background: I have heard this song everywhere I go.)

Way Down We Go by Kaleo

Alaska by Maggie Rogers

Instant Need by FKJ

Zorbing by Stornoway

Vor í Vaglaskógi by Kaleo (A Small Note: This song is in Icelandic! How cool?!)

Fuel Up by Stornoway (Bit of Background: this was one of my Mum’s favourite songs for about a month a few years ago.)

Color Song by Maggie Rogers

Happy March! Spring is on it’s way!




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