Becoming a Yoga Teacher?!

Big news! Huge News! Massive, gargantuan news! I got accepted to a Yoga Teacher Training program! I found out last night. I can’t articulate how excited I am.

When I told my mentor that I was considering doing the program, her response was “but why? Do you want to teach?” It’s a hard question. Primarily the obvious answer is I do want to teach. I actually really want to teach. I love watching my yoga peers hit milestones in their practice. I think it’s a huge honour to be involved in other’s yoga practices and I don’t take it lightly. I really want to take the time to better understand yoga asana in order to help others in their practices.

But at the same time I want to do Yoga Teacher Training for selfish reasons. I’ve noticed I hit a bit of a plateau in my practice. I’ve become too reliant on my mentor as being the gate keeper for knowledge. I want to know more on my own.  I want to understand the postures I’m twisting my body into and the history behind them. I also don’t just want to focus on the physical element on it. I want to better understand the spiritual element of yoga.

I had been on the fence for a while about whether or not I wanted to do yoga teacher training. It’s a lot of money to put down and it’s a huge time commitment. I’m also fiercely protective of my practice and I didn’t want anything to change or take me away from my practice. But I’m so ready. I’m feeling excited but nervous, an obvious sign of growth.

Anyone done Yoga Teacher Training before? Do you have any recommendations?

xx Mags


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